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Every person owns some unique skills, they can contribute their valuable priceless skills for the needy people within your time for the society, your efforts educate the whole society.  

A Student, An Software engineer, A Retired person can share skills and motivate with his experience with juniors. If you are a Martial arts expert, A sports man, A Lawyer, A Doctor, An Actor, A Mechanic. A Good Motivator, A Good Dancer, A Lecturer, A Painter, Plumber, An Electrician A House Wife or An engineer no matter who you are and which age, you can contribute your skills for needy people in the society whether they poor or not  this results whole society will be skill full . Everyone get lively food easily, People of the this society become friendly and spreads humanity this gives solutions to many problems and saves money and time of every one.

We are inviting you to become a member of share umbrella to share your skills for the society, sharing skills enhances your knowledge and happiness. Your small effort will create wonders in the whole society. To join in share Umbrella club just a send you’re your details about your skills and in which area you want to share, If you are already sharing your skills to need people please provide your details, we spread and introduce your help and service to this world to reach more people.

Come and Join us to work together for a better society in your own time.

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